TREND RADAR Your individual Trend Radar

TREND RADAR - Your individual Trend Radar

Watch-Think-Act: These are the three clusters in which we localize our future topics for you. Whether specifically for technology trends or for trend phenomena adapted to your industry – a Trend Radar from TRENDONE illustrates in graphic format which trends you are currently working with and which ones you should keep an eye on over the next few years in.

Evaluate trends correctly

A multitude of different change phenomena exists in the depths of the trend universe. However, not every trend influences your own industry equally. Some trends may be highly relevant to you, while others only concern specific aspects of your business or have no effect at all on your company. It is therefore important to individually evaluate the influence of the various trends.

Localize and categorise trends  

The Trend Radar is a tool that helps you to evaluate the trends by using specific criteria to acquire an overview of key topics and technologies. Trends can be integrated via various parameters and localized in relation to each other. What’s more, the Trend Radar displays the meaning and influence of trends on your company in a timeline, for example, while measures for the innovations process are derived from this with the help of the Watch-Think-Act cluster.

Your result: Complex connections at a single glance

The final output is a clearly laid out chart that systemizes your personal trend universe in a visually stylish manner and explains the effect of the individual trends on your business field. This ensures that you maintain a clear view of the future.


Customer: Globally operating automotive manufacturer 
Industry: Automotive
Title: Systematic early detection system for technology trends


Customer: ewz
Industry: Energy Sector
Title: The future of the energy sector – strategic integration of trends for the energy sector


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