Every month we identify the 100 most relevant trends of 1500 trend proposals.  We present global product innovations, smart business models and structure-changing technological developments in our compact Trend Report.

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The Trend Report gives you a monthly update on innovations from around the world. This knowledge inspires to rethink and to broaden your horizon. Through the universal PDF format the report is available on almost all digital devices and is ideal for fast browsing on the road and for focused editing on the computer in the office.

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The report that fits your needs

You define the categories that are of interest for you, we define the appropriate content! These are our bestsellers:

Online Marketing - Marketing campaigs with focus on online
Social Media - Trends and innovations in Social Media
Web Innovations - Technical innovations in online
Mobile Marketing - Brand communication by mobile devices
Mobile Services - Services on mobile devices
Out of Home - Outdoor & ambient marketing
Sensation Marketing - Guerilla & buzz marketing
Promotion - Most innovative promotions of the month
Events - Innovative events worldwide
Multidimensional Publishing - Creative cases in print and digital
Consumer Entertainment - Multimedia entertainment deals for consumers
Communication Technologies - Innovations in communication
Digital Life - Digital innovations in real life
Healthy Life - Food, drinks & Non-Food products as well as health innovations

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  • Use the micro trends for intern meetings / pitches
  • Create intern newsletters on the basis of the Trend Report
  • Use the interactive functions and expand your research with the help of the trendexplorer
  • Get a detailled market overview
  • Keep an eye on your competitors

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