Trends & Innovation Workshop

A marketing agency is planning a series of events for 2014 with the topic ‘Innovation Management in the tourism industry.’ Two two-day workshops are to be held. It is discussed that one of the workshops will take place in Northern and the other two-day workshop in Southern Germany. The two workshop days should build on one another (i.e. no content-related duplications), but it should also be possible to only attend one of the days. For each event around 20 participants are expected.


On the first day of the workshop the attendants gain basic knowledge of working with trends and innovations. Fundamental elements of the day are brainwriting, working with the Trendexplorer and the Clustering and Naming Session. On the second day fascinating Best Practice Innovations are presented and then used for the Radical Game workshop. In this workshop the participants create new concepts, products & services by combining already existing innovations. Those ideas will be further developed with other methodologies and transferred into brief concepts.


The participants leave the event with relevant insights into current trends & innovation and knowledge about how to transfer it to their own business areas. At the same time the participants gain a comprehensive overview of relevant factors of influence and trends from all over the world in their specific business sector.