Due to the digitalization, the demands and requirements in relation to individual financial consulting are changing. Therefore, a reorientation regarding the interaction with the client is of high relevance. In the context of the strategic development, a picture of the future was developed corporately with the client for the client-consultant-interaction in 2025. The main focus of the project was the concrete question:
‘How does it feel to be consulted by MLP and to work as a consultant in 2025?’

In a one-day workshop, first of all the current situation in the three areas ‘initiation’, ‘consulting’ and ‘support’ were worked out in detail. Subsequently, the seven most relevant ‘customer interaction trends’ were presented and the impact on the three areas assessed. With the aid of the trends, the participants first projected the current situation into the year 2020 and then developed  a concrete picture of the future for the client-consultant-interaction 2025.

The participants developed a collective picture of the future for MLP that considered both the own perspective and the perspective of the customers. On this basis, concrete consultation situations for the year 2025 were outlined, put in a comprehensible context for all stakeholders and strategic fields of actions for MLP were derived.