Innovation Day for an industrial company


In the context of a multi-day employee event, the topic ‘trends and innovation’ within the company was addressed in order to create awareness of the relevance and importance among employees. Their main question was: ‘How is it possible – within the framework of a one-day kick-off- to embed the topic ‘trends & innovation’ across all departments in the corporate structure as an integral part of the corporate culture?’


During the Innovation Day current trends and innovations are presented. The participants are taken on a journey into the future and are shown the most exciting innovation from all over the world.  The participants also had the opportunity to try those innovations live during the day. As well, digital natives reported about their way of media consumption and their every-day lives. Business representatives topped off the day with the presentation of in-house best practice cases.

In the context of the Innovation Day the participants gain a comprehensive insight into the world of tomorrow and learn about the impact of innovations on their field of work. At the same time, already initiated projects within the company are presented and important insights of the different perspectives are conveyed.

Further information on the Innovation Day