Innovation Day for Gebrüder Heinemann

The project:
Generate retail ideas for different channels

Initial ideas were generated in a Radical Game that were inspired from an introductory keynote on the topic of retail in 2020. The individual groups/channels first worked individually. With the help of the Speed ​​Dating these ideas came together to incorporate ideas and inspiration from the other channels. A final refinement of the idea within the channels provided the final concept, which was presented to the entire plenary and evaluated jointly.

Customer voices:
"The collaboration with Trendone definitely enriched our event. Thank you for the inspiring presentation and the excellent methodologies as well as the professional facilitation of subsequent workshops with our international customers from all over the world and in-house experts."

„Excellent learning about „search“ techniques in group, this will help in my daily business“

„Common ideas by the different channels“

„Great brainstorming tool!“

Further information on the Innovation Day