Innovation Workshop for a financial service provider

Within the scope of the strategy 2025 the client concentrates on trends and developments, which affect the strategic alignment of companies and markets in times of radical changes in target groups and communication channels. Their main question was:
‘Which future search fields will enable the company to reach the target groups with new services, products, and business models?’

In a one-day workshop trends are presented and then analyzed and evaluated by their relevance as a search field. The trends are selected with a focus on the specific market of the costumer. The evaluation will be conducted collectively during the workshop with an expert panel, which will be composed of workshop participants. Furthermore, unresolved issues will be identified that are crucial to reach the search fields.

In the context of the project, existing products of the financial service provider were matched with trend search fields and factors of influence. Based on the assessment of the ‘gap size’ to each trend search field, a priority list of the gaps and afterwards a road map was created. During the workshop developed specific actions are currently being implemented.