We work with you to plan the schedule for the day and the main contents.

The built-in elements on offer serve to inspire, motivate and activate the participants. People work in workshop sessions with Trends & Innovations from around the world and learn all about idea generation methods and trend evaluations or develop a future vision for your company for 2028. Whether there are 60 or 600 participants – a day full of new inspirations is guaranteed.

Time frame: A full day of 6 – 8 hours

Number: Up to 600 participants

Aim: Inspiration, trend impact analysis, evaluation of the image of the future

Event formats: International manager meeting, internal or interdepartmental management events, incentivizing events for staff

360-Degree Trend Experience

This is what your Agenda for the 360-Degree Trend Experience could look like.

Aim: Overview of the key trends in the industry and an evaluation of their relevance

Identification of relevant trends for your industry and jointly working out their significance for your company

Prioritized, customized trend universe for your company

Future Worlds 2028

This is what your Agenda for Future Worlds 2028 could look like.

Aim: To create several future worlds with the help of the trends

The participants work in groups, with each group focusing on one future world (e.g. World of Retail, World of Marketing, World of IT). By combining the current situation with the mega-trends from the trend universe, future scenarios are drawn up and portrayed visually.

Several visualized “Future Worlds 2025” showing future possibilities and opportunities as well as the interactions between the various stakeholders.

What does the Innovation Day involve?

1)    The participants receive their individual trend universe
2)    You work at all the trend levels (micro-, macro-, mega-trends) in compact workshop formats
3)    From the creation of an image of the future to the evaluation of trends and on to radical idea generation for new products and services, all output formats are possible
4)    The participants receive a methods kit for working with trends and innovations
5)    Intense networking with changing teams
6)    Joint development of a vision of the future
7)    An interactive exhibition space in the Sample Lab enables the participants to experience innovative technologies live and try them out
8)    In the Trendexplorer, the participants can research their highlights
9)    Experienced Innovation Advisors manage all the steps and support the participants
10)  A day full of inspiration and innovation is embedded in a comprehensive agenda

Project references

Innovation Day & Innovation Sparring in the finance industry

"How can you get more than 600 bankers excited about the future and engaged in creating it?"


Trends & Innovation Workshop

"What influencing factors and trends from around the world do we deal with in Tourism Innovation Management?"


Innovation Day for Gebrüder Heinemann

"How can we generate innovative trading ideas with our customers in different sales and communication channels (airport, cruise ship & ferries, bordershop)?"


Innovation Workshop for a financial service provider

"Which future search fields will enable the company to reach the target groups with new services, products, and business models?"


Innovation Day for an industrial company

"How is it possible – within the framework of a one-day kick-off- to embed the topic ‘trends & innovation’ across all departments in the corporate structure as an integral part of the corporate culture?"


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