Radical Game & Training Workshop for R&V Allgemeine Versicherung AG


Goal of the project was to train the employees of R+V Versicherung how to work with trends and to gain insight into the topic of trendscouting. Playfully the participants got an overview of all the current trends and how they can detect new trends.

In a one-day workshop we updated the employees on all current micro-trends in the field of “Omni-Channel Experience” and gave implications for their industrial sector. Inspired through the presentation the employees developed new service- and product ideas for R+V Versicherung in small groups. Per combining different trends new concepts were evolved. After reviewing the ideas, the employees got an overview of trend scouting and trend analysis.

Through the workshop the employees received insights in the methods of trend research which now can be used in the company’s process of innovation. In addition concrete product- and service ideas were evolved.

“In an inspiring atmosphere TrendONE gave us more than only insights into trend scouts. Through the Radical Game we developed new ideas for our company R+V. This was an impressive and successful day, which will continue to have an inspiring and motivating impact on our trend scouts.”
Oliver Jaksch. Department Head Quality-, Process- and Projectmanagament. R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

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