We help you to identify new business potentials from the decisive change phenomena.

After defining an innovation horizon together, we look with you at the latest trends as well as consumer and market needs.

In the next step, these aspects are combined with the previously defined current and future competence areas of your business sector.

The resulting growth areas are then clearly defined, prioritized and backed up with reinforcing trend, technology and market information for the next steps of implementation.

In 5 steps to your growth fields

  1. PROJECT SCOPING: In the first step, we define your innovation horizon with you and highlight your areas of expertise
  2. PRE-RESEARCH FOR POTENTIAL GROWTH FIELDS: In the second step, the more than 180 trends from the TRENDONE Trend Universe are examined for their potential as future growth fields and matched up to the innovation horizon and the areas of expertise. The 10 most relevant trends are finally prepared in the form of a short presentation.
  3. GROWTH FIELD WORKSHOP I: In this workshop, the 10 trends from the Pre-Research step are presented and discussed in relation to your areas of expertise. Afterwards, concrete growth fields for your company are worked out and precisely defined.
  4. DEEP RESEARCH & ANALYSIS OF THE GROWTH FIELDS: In the analysis phase, every growth field is given a detailed profile incl. drivers and barriers, market and target group descriptions, and a technology evaluation.
  5. GROWTH FIELD WORKSHOP II: In the final step, the profiles are presented in a workshop, completed with your team (incl. opportunity and risk assessments) and evaluated in relation to each other (e.g. relative market potential, relative implementation investment). Afterwards, the next steps for the further processing of the selected growth fields are defined together and adopted.

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