Future PersonaThe future from your customers’ perspective

Future Persona - The future from your customers’ perspective

Experience the future with us through the eyes of your customers and discover how future needs and lifestyles will change.

Objective of this format

The Future Persona method pursues the objective of showing you the implications of trends based on concrete, fictitious personas. This provides you with a sustainable tool that lets you test the effective strength and customer relevance of upcoming trend phenomena, and anticipate future market and consumer needs at an early stage.

Future Persona vividly illustrates the implications that arise out of an interplay of different trends in relation to individual groups of people. They react differently to the various trend phenomena and thereby create a deep understanding of the customer-oriented and market-relevant future.

Services & benefits

Your concrete output is a meaningful description of your Future Persona, which can then serve as the basis for developing ideas and concepts for new customer- and market-oriented products, services or business models, and act as a long-term multiplier in the innovation process.

Using individual Future Persona, which we develop with a focus on different generations based on extreme versions of our trends, we create customized persona tailored specially to you and your market and enhance them with previously defined criteria. With the help of the most relevant trends for your industry, we develop projections of your future customers and target groups and answer the question on how lifestyles and life realities will change.


Abstract trends are transcribed to customers and become more tangible for you in the form of personal future scenarios. Regardless of whether you already work with traditional personas or wish to use our method as a new impulse, the starting point of the analysis is always the “here and now”. Your target group’s status quo is projected into the future with the help of selected trends and/or our internally developed Future Persona. This makes it possible to identify and evaluate future consumer needs and lifestyles in order to fully understand the implications of the trends on your customers. We will take this step together with you as part of a workshop or as an independent study.

Reference story

Event: Sample Day 2017
Title: Thinking from the customer’s perspective

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