What are the technologies of the future and what significance do they have for your company? Which trends influence your industry, the market and our society? How will we live and work in the future?

Our keynotes are prepared in a multimedia format and use concrete practical examples (micro-trends) to give you an idea of the future. Our speakers have a wealth of experience from countless customer projects and lectures. Find your topic and your expert here:

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The mobility sector is now at a turning point. In future, mobility will be defined in a completely different way. In our presentation entitled “The future of mobility”, we not only show you the overriding trends like e-mobility and micromobility, but also take a closer look at innovative uses such as car-sharing models and flexible charging systems. Mobility-as-a-service forces a rethink of the whole mobility concept. 


Customer: XXXLutz
Speaker: Nils Müller
Format: Visionary Keynote & Open Stage
Keynote title: The World in 2030


Event: North German Health Days
Format: Focus Keynote
Speaker: Torsten Rehder
Keynote title: Hospital 2025


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