Innovation Masterplan for a large German airport

“From the perspective of process, content and framework, how can the airport bring the topic of innovations more strongly into the company?”


“A mission for innovations in the airport” – this was the project’s objective. Together with the customer, a vision for the airport in 2025 was developed which incorporated the subjects of Innovation Content, Innovation Mindset and Innovation Framework.


TRENDONE supported the customer in three modules: - Innovation Content is the content that is developed in the innovation management. Ideas grow from trends. These ideas then become innovations that seek success on the market. - Innovation Mindset means the characteristic values, core assumptions and behaviour patterns that are important for successful innovation management. - Innovation Framework represents processes, roles and organisation structures. The innovation process decides what has to be done. The roles and responsibilities have been assigned. They form a fixed organisation structure. The various missions were worked out by groups during different workshops and work sessions and broken down into the first concrete measures. This led to a map of topics, an overview of values and a process of ideals


“An important process with the inclusion of the top management levels in order to identify and implement the mission, the framework and the necessary key topics for innovation in the company”, Senior Vice President Corporate Development

“Even the top management  could be persuaded to take part personally in a workshop. The result: the mindset is in place, the innovation topics have been defined and the framework is alive”, Senior Manager Idea Management and Innovation Management