What are the driving forces for innovation in Google, Apple and others? What business models set the foundation/benchmark for Netflix, Tesla and IKEA´s success? The Business Model Generation workshop answers these questions for you.

Explore beyond your business field and inspire yourself further by observing successful innovators from differing industries and uncover distinguishable methods & models lying behind each business’ success story.


  • Detailed discussion of your goals and focal points
  • Selection of relevant subjects and suitable methods
  • Assignment of innovation models and selected Micro-Trends
  • Preparation of documents for participants

Business Model Generation Workshop- four steps to success through innovation

  1. BEST OF INNOVATION KEYNOTE: Be inspired by the best strategies of top-innovators displayed in the latest Micro-Trends
  2. CUSTOMER NEEDS: Work in teams to compile potential future consumer needs as well as organization´s strengths and weaknesses in the competence profile.
  3. INNOVATION MODELS: Based on established innovation models participants compile potential possibilities for existing and new & developing business fields together with experienced Innovation Advisors.
  4. EVALUATION: Teams evaluate the developed approaches arranged by a pre-determined criteria, and refine the best-Ideas to strengthen Innovation concepts.

Key questions:

  • What are the driving forces which cultivate successful results for top-innovators from different industry fields?
  • How can you benefit from such profitable innovation strategies as an organization?
  • What are the potential possibilities for your existing business field as well as for new & developing business fields and models?

Halfday or fullday workshop

In total:

up to 30 participants

Executives, managers, employees from the fields of Marketing, Creation, Strategy, Product & Brand Management or Business Development

Participants receive an overview of the most important innovation models from successful organizations  most applicable to each participants existing and/or new & developing business field.  Upon the agreed strategy approaches, participants prioritize the most promising approaches based on a pre-determined criteria, and reinforce them into concrete innovation concepts.

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