As Head of Center of Excellence Inspiration Sebastian Raßmann coaches agencies and companies from various branches and cooperates closely with them to improve their future business. Since 2009 he is an inherent part of the Innovation Service team of TRENDONE. Furthermore Sebastian leads kick off presentations and is an important mediator between our clients and TRENDONE. As a speaker Sebastian Raßmann gained a lot of experience on stage. His key topics in his presentations are Outernet, Technologies and Marketing. He is also responsible for the conception and organization of the TRENDONE Sample Day that is prepared every year.



The "2028 journey into the future" is a multimedia presentation of a special kind. Based on many practical examples and videos, Sebastian Rassmann takes the audience on a journey into the future.


A Focus Keynote is an individual trend keynote coping with a pre-selected topic which is relevant for your business. All trends will be demonstrated and illustrated on the basis of best practice innovations.


Our Future Space make the future tangible. At conferences, corporate events or customer events, we motivate the audience to try out the latest technologies and innovations. The portfolio of live demonstrations is ranging from Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications on 3D printer and drones to robotics and wearable technologies.




  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025" / Berufsförderungsverein des Baden-Württ. Zimmerer- und Holzbaugewerbes e. V.
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Travel Technology Symposium
  • Workshop Future Workplace / SiT Workshop
  • Focus Keynote „Future of Wearable Tech“ & Sample Lab / Zukunftskongress Kärnten
  • Focus Keynote “E-Mobility – Driving the Future” / E.ON e-World
  • Focus Keynote “Future Touchpoints” / Österreichische Post
  • Radical Game Workshop „Near Field Communication“ / smart media alliance
  • Sample Lab / ITB – Internationale Tourismus Börse
  • Visionary Keynote „The world in 2025 – How technology will change the way we communicate“ / 46. Verbände-Forum
  • Sample Lab / Zeppelin University
  • Sample City Lab / Skisprungschanze Bergisel
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / 65. Arbeitstagung der Herstellungsleiter


  • On behalf of the European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy we would like to thank Sebastian Rassmann for his contribution to the First Stakeholder Forum on Digitising European Industry on 31st January and 1st February 2017 in Essen. It was a pleasure and enrichment to welcome him as a presenter.

    The presentations, panel discussions and workshops offered a great platform for sharing expertise and lessons learned. Feedback from the participants to the event has been very positive – a compliment which we therefore would like to share with you. The participants as well as the team benefited from Sebastian Rassmann's expertise, his inspiring and valuable hands-on insights of his professional experience. All of this helps to foster a fruitful exchange on digitisation of industries among European countries and transfer political commitment into concrete strategies. (Sarah Fischer, Geschäftsstelle Plattform Industrie 4.0)

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