"Nils Müller lives in the future - today he is here with us."

Take part in a breathtaking journey into the future. Experience the world's most important innovations and trends live on stage. Nils Mueller is famous for his stirring future journeys and for his inspiring presentations about worldwide Innovation-Hotspots & Trends. Nils has exceptionally wide-ranging experience as a speaker, and has already given over 500 keynote presentations.

Nils started his career at the IBM Innovation Center. During his Master program in Berlin, New York and Milan 2002, he founded TRENDONE, a company that is specialized in micro-trends and weak signals. TRENDONE is market leader in identifying key trends in fast moving branches of business. Nils Mueller lives with his wife and three children in Hamburg-Blankenese.



The "Time travel 2028" by Nils Müller is a multimedia presentation of a special kind using many live examples and videos on stage. He takes the audience on a journey into the future. This trip begins in the future and ends in the present. On his journey Nils Müller presents micro-trends and technologies that already exist today and have a strong influence on our daily lives in the future.


Experience the convergence of advanced technologies! The most exciting innovations emerge through nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, Outernet, 3D Printing and Big Data.


In his keynote Nils Müller will expand your perspective on innovation and disruption. Digitalization was only the first small wave of the upcoming change that all industries and companies will face in the next 20 years.

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Nils Müller takes you on a journey into the future of your business, demonstrating how A.I. will:

  • extend the possibilities of customer interaction,
  • disrupt the fundamental processes of your company and
  • present to you options on how to create new business models using smart data

Also included will be an experience of upcoming technologies such as: natural language processing, visual recognition, smart data algorithms and combined with predictions and live robotics on stage.

Speaker Engagements

  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / IFA
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / NEOCOM
  • Visionary Keynote „Retail 2025“ / EHI Technologietage
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / OBI
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / InnovationsHub Tennagels
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / CSB Innovation Day together with the Aachen School of Innovation
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Messe Düsseldorf
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Euroforum Innovation Day
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Internet World Congress
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / CCW
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / IPSOS
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / EUROBAUSTOFF
  • Visionary Keynote „Transformation by A.I. & Robotics“ / PDMA GERMANY
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / OTTO Managament Conference
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Zeppelin Universität
  • Visionary Keynote „Print 2030“ / DRUPA
  • Visionary Keynote „Building Technology 2025" / Siemens
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Plakadiva
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / German Shopping Center Forum / EHI
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2030“ / WGSN Future Summit
  • Visionary Keynote „When it comes to new technology“ / SampleCityLab
  • Visionary Keynote „Energy Industry 2025“ / Euroforum Conference
  • Visionary Keynote „Logistics 2025“ / Logisitc Summit
  • Visionary Keynote „Transformation by A.I.“ / Afternoon for Innovators
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Euronics
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / DEHA
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / NOVOMIND Summit
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Cable Days
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / IBM
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Otto
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025 Future Workplace“ / Vitra
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Infront
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / ABB Busch Jaeger
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Hyve
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / Innox Runde
  • Visionary Keynote „The World in 2025“ / GDF Suez Cofely

More speaker engagements and highlights of the past years:

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“I‘ve seen the best presentation of my life, better than AdTech and Tokio Fair."
Christian Leon Gutierrez. Chief Creative Director Digital de Universal McCann Chile

“I was quite amazed that a German speaker is able to fascinate an international audience and to create such positive reactions by keeping the tension.”
Matthias Ehrlich. Chairman United Internet Media AG

“Dr. Future alias Trend Expert Nils Müller is able to make people experience the future of digital brand communication. In a humorous way. He does not only set impulses but arouses a firework of ideas, chances, and perspectives. With his presentation “Future Touchpoints 3.0” Mr. Müller creates a harmonious changeover from today’s multimedia spectrum to tomorrow’s fascinating brand worlds.”
Matthias Falkenberg. CEO SevenOne Interactive

“Mr. Müller’s presentation has extended my view of the world.”
Prof. Peter W. Engelmeier. Deutsches Institut für Public Affairs

“Finally a presentation which is featured by a high degree of up-to-dateness and relevancy for life, without becoming marshy in PowerPoint, and which is mixed with the right amount of emotionality of the speaker which one can not escape.”
Andreas Nassauer. Head of Media Deutsche Telekom AG

“The new dimension of a keynote: Interactive - visionary - multimedia-based! Thank you very much for the great presentation!”
Peter Ottmann. NürnbergMesse GmbH

"You have exceeded our expectations massively."
Prof Dr. Oliver Gassmann about the keynote at Innovation 2013

"Nils Müller gave us an exciting outlook into the digital world and impressed our 100  Top-Managers throughout a thrilling 45 minutes session with live demos and tangible examples of a future that is already happening today."
Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President Henkel Adhesive Technologies


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