We see ourselves as trend researcher and inspiring creative innovation consultants:
Your driving force for innovation.

We are convinced that ...

  • ... major changes have small beginnings and
  • new innovations arise at the interfaces between people, markets, technologies and businesses.

More than 80 trend scouts worldwide

Our worldwide trend scouting network supplies 1500 suggestions every month to our analysts. This can be new marketing campaigns, intelligent technologies & apps, new online business models or innovative products. The team evaluates the suggestions and identifies the most relevant 250 micro-trends, interpret and cluster them in  topics as the first signs of major currents.

Trend Services

Every month, we publish the most pioneering and trendsetting innovations in both our concise Trend Reports and an online-based database, the Trendexplorer. These Trend Services provide an overview of all the key trends & market developments.

Trend Services offer

  • a compact, cross-industry trend input
  • customizable categories (tailor-made products)
  • regular market- & competitive intelligence

Innovation Services

We »connect the unconnected«, define new growth potentials and enforce specific impulses for your innovation process. Through profound micro-trend research, we are able to interpret and cluster the phenomena according to your position. No project is similar to the next. Find out more about our keynotes and events.

Innovation Services help your business to

  • generate innovative ideas (based on your company assets)
  • develop new business opportunities
  • define your innovation potential
  • position your company into the vision of your industry
  • implement a forward-looking culture of innovation

Creating a sustainable competitive edge hinges on innovation. You have to know what will be possible in the future to develop pioneering product ideas. Valuable insights for your projects can also come from innovations in other industries.

Challenges you are facing:

  • How do I keep track of all these possibilities?
  • Where do I get the information from?
  • Who will screen the information and then summarize and categorize it for me?

Many advertising agencies, as well as leading, internationally-renowned brand names have put their faith in the information supplied by TRENDONE.  Our passion for the world of tomorrow is contagious. We are convinced that it pays to keep your eyes open, because the large currents and innovations of tomorrow are already apparent today - in miniature - between the lines.