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The world is changing rapidly. Disruptive ideas, innovative developments and radical technological advances are influencing our lives, markets and industries faster and more powerfully than ever. To ensure success into the future, it is no longer enough just to keep up with others – you have to set the agenda by yourself. What you need in order to be able to do this can be found right here with us.


As the market leader for trend research, we work in interdisciplinary teams made up of trend scouts, industry insiders, visionary thinkers and people with foresight. On behalf of our customers, we detect, collect and research global trends, scan worldwide innovation fields and use deep research to identify future-oriented technologies and potentials. We analyse insights, provide a fresh momentum and transform the accumulated knowledge perfectly into concrete ideas that allow your company to lay the foundations for a successful future.


Your successful future is our aim. To achieve this, we offer you a wide range of services and tools, but above all you will benefit from our expertise acquired during 15 years of passionate innovation work.


Trend Services provide trend knowledge.

Every month, we publish the most pioneering and trendsetting innovations in both our concise Trend Reports and an online-based database, the Trendexplorer. These Trend Services provide an overview of all the key trends & market developments.

Trend Services offer

  • a compact, cross-industry trend input
  • customizable categories
  • regular market- & competitive intelligence

Innovation tools

Innovation Services provide concrete strategies for your company.

We »connect the unconnected«, define new growth potentials and enforce specific impulses for your innovation process. Through profound research, we are able to interpret and cluster the phenomena according to your position. No project is similar to the next. Find out more about our keynotes and events.

Innovation Services help your business to

  • generate innovative ideas (based on your company assets)
  • develop new business opportunities
  • define your innovation potential
  • position your company into the vision of your industry
  • implement a forward-looking culture of innovation

Innovation Consultancy

Trend knowledge through the trendscout network
Our trend-scouting network of over 80 trend scouts identifies the latest innovations on the market and supplies you with advance knowledge of specific topics.

Innovation understanding through advanced innovation consultants
Our experienced innovation analysts develop future scenarios for your industry and help you to recognize change phenomena at an early stage and identify market potentials.

Industry expertise through Industry Insider
We boast a unique network of experienced industry experts who assess the relevance and implementability of trends and change phenomena.

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1. Our passion for trends & innovation themes is contagious!
2. Our content is bases on concrete, verifiable market developments!
3. Our trend identification process is as complex as it is unique!
4. Our international network allows us to always respond to your needs!
5. With us you will move fast forward instead of lagging behind!


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